Jerry - Bartender

Birthday - May 18th

Shifts - Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (8pm - 2am)

Experience - I've been tending bar for 15 years between Montdale and Pittsburgh.

Favorite Drink - I love Whiskey! 

Bio - One spring morning, a newborn baby was dropped off on the pool table of the iconic Boyarsky’s Tavern, set in the idyllic Endless Mountains of Montdale, Pennsylvania. Swaddled in an empty cardboard Michelob Ultra box, with nothing more than two purple Crown Royal bags duct taped together for a blanket, he looked cold, yet still very, very handsome. The barmaid and her husband took pity on the helpless infant, named the boy Jerry, and decided that they would raise him alongside their children as one of their own. And raise young Jerry they did, in the only manner they knew how: as a quick-witted, speed-pouring bartender. And in serendipitous fashion, the boy took to life behind the ol’ wooden rail like a duck takes to water. For a teething ring, his parents gave him a corkscrew. He could long pour his own baby formula into a Collins glass, not one drop hitting the mattress in his crib. He won his first national mojito contest at age 7, earning particularly high marks for farming his own mint. By 12, he was moonlighting after little league games as a bartender at University of Scranton fraternity parties, mixing green teas shots and red-headed sluts until the sunrise. At age seventeen, he cut off a drunken grizzly bear, roaring with a mouthful of dagger teeth and a whiskey bottle’s worth of rage, who had wandered in from the forests of Scott Township. Young Jerry even convinced the the surly mammal to apologize and leave a decent tip, and summoned him an Uber safely back to his den (They are still in touch, and the bear calls him Uncle Jer to this day). It was on this fateful night that Jerry, now a man in the eyes of the bartending gods, earned the nickname ‘Ursa Major’, Latin for ‘The Big Bear’. And notoriously, in a season 9 episode of Cheers!, bartending deity Sam Malone can be seen hanging a life-size poster of teenage Jerry scolding the bear above the desk in his infamous office, to which Kristie Alley’s character Rebecca winks and makes a suggestive comment.  Jerry has been with the VSpot since 2013. He likes his wife, his dog, whiskey, the NBA, Taylor Swift’s last two albums, and you guys:) 


Bobby - Bartender

Birthday - May 16th

Shifts - I’m behind the bar for Sunday Night Karaoke! (Every third week), Monday Night Bite Night!! (8 Pm - 2 Am), Tuesday Quesadilla Night w/ Happy Hour 5 Pm - 7 Pm featuring $1 off all drinks!!! (3 Pm - 8 Pm), Thursday Steak Night!! (8 Pm - 2 Am) ...So plan accordingly!!!

Experience - About 9 years, still wet behind my ears.

Favorite Drink - I like to drink Miller Lite bottles and Fireball. Lots of them!!! 

Bio - Stepping Large and Laughin’ Loud - Hey guys... It’s me, Bobby!!!

Remember way back in 2011 when I was bar-backing at The V Spot?!? Well I’m still here!!! PARTYING!!! Last of the original crew, aside from Vin and Frank of course, I’m still helping patrons “lubricate” their way through this crazy life!!! And boy, do I have some stories to tell!!! Some of the best times in my life!!! If I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you in the past, I hope all is well!!! Come on back in and see us!!! We’ll catch up!! If I haven’t met ya yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!! Come on down and check us out!!! We have one of the best staffs in all of NEPA and there is always Live Entertainment!! If you wanna come down for a hug, or a smooch, just ask for me! I got you!!!


Vinnie - Bartender

Birthday - December 21st

Shifts - Thursday (3pm - 8pm)......Saturday and Sunday (8pm - 2am)

Experience - First day ever as a bartender: Monday, January 3rd, 2000

Favorite Drink - All of 'em! Except Campari....fkn' gross!

Bio - Is it fathomable I may occasionally over-bruise the ice while shaking a martini? Mayyyy-beee.....Is there another alive who can "out-Ass Turkey Tattoo-me" in the wee hours on a Sunday morning after a shift? Dream on drink slingers....dream on!

Krysta - Bartender

Birthday - November 8th

Shifts - Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (8pm - 2am)

Experience - I came out of the womb with a shaker and martini glass.... 12 years.

Favorite Drink - Miller Lite accessorized with a shot of Jameson

Bio - I may not flip liquor bottles and toss glasses in the air, but damn, my draft pour is above mediocre!

Bernie - Chef

Birthday - October 25th

Shifts - Sunday through Thursday 

Experience - 24 years of cooking and restaurant management.

Favorite Dish - Southwest Cheese Steak or Chicken Alfredo

Kerri - Bartender


Birthday - August 31st

Shifts - On maternity leave!!!

Experience - 14 blissful years of no weekends off

Favorite Drink - Vodka, preferably whipped and water, splash of "shut your face and make this stiffer"

Bio - "First of all, none of these boy bartenders are gettin laid 'round here 'til mama bear says so! And Joe Farro? He couldn' t make Tang before he met me. Brian & Bobby were home, dry humpin' bean bags listenin' to Color Me Bad CD's 'til I helped them out with their jobs here. I'll tell Vinnie Archer what color undies to wear if I like too! Vacation's over kids! I'll be back sooooooon!


Birthday - June 18th

Shifts - Sunday and Tuesday (3pm - 8pm), Wednesday (3pm - 2am), Thursday (5pm - 8pm), Friday (8pm - 2am), Saturday (3pm - 10pm)

Experience - I started bartending in 1993 and have done everything in this business from management to ownership.

Favorite Drink - I'm very 

Bio - I love sports, Star Wars, Superheroes, video games and all things geek. And by the way, that’s Yankees legend Don Mattingly in the photo with me. I ran into him at Mohegan Sun and he asked for my autograph, haha.


Tom - Bartender

Birthday - October 6th

Shifts - Every Friday (8pm - 2am)

Experience - 17 years

Favorite Drink - Franziskaner Dunkel Weiss/Jameson

Bio - Lover of microbrews and live music. Let's rock out with your "Bock" out!



Birthday - December 31st

Shifts - Tuesday (8pm - 2am), Wednesday (3pm - 8pm), Sometimes Sunday (8pm - 2am)

Experience - 7 glorious years of "No, I don't know what that blue drink thing you had that one time in Mexico three years ago".

Favorite Drink - Skyy Strawberry. water, splash of lemonade and two lemons.

Bio - Coming Soon



Birthday - November 23rd

Shifts - Friday and Saturday (10pm - 2am)

Experience - 2  years 

Favorite Drink - Miller Lite and Captain & Coke

Bio - I’m Matt, I like to play basketball, can-jam, and cornhole. I like to drink ice cold Miller Lite around a nice campfire.



Birthday - December 16th

Shifts - Monday and Friday (3pm - 8m)

Experience - I've been serving drinks since the fresh age of 19

Favorite Drink - Tito's and water with a side of Jager!

Bio - Known to my hippie friends as “mama”, I am here to ensure that everyone has a great time, enforcing safety only as needed. Forged in the campgrounds of large music festivals, my pouring style has been described as “too strong” by those too cowardly to handle it. Ask for a drink too feminine.. you get a Jagermeister. Ask for a song with no guitar solo.. you get the boot. However, ask for the time of your life.. you get exactly what you came for. So sit back, relax, get boozey, and always remember.. my eyes are up here. 



Birthday - March 4th

Shifts - Sunday Karaoke Night

Experience - 4  years 

Favorite Drink - The ones with booze in them

Bio - I like to party.



Birthday - January 7th

Shifts - Thursday (5pm - 8am)

Experience - I got started in this business at Johnny Rockets in January of 2015 at the age of 16. My experience also includes being a server at Texas Roadhouse and working at The V-Spot Bar. 

Bio - I guess you can say I was born to bartend! My parents owned a bar throughout my childhood and I was raised in this business. Besides loving my jobs, I also love working side by side with my father every week at the Vspot. When I’m not working I love to spend time with my dogs and cats, sleeping, doing my makeup, Star Wars, morning and traveling as much as possible.

DJ AptriK - DJ/Bouncer?Barback

Birthday - February 14th

Shifts - Mondays (10pm - 2am)

Experience - It all started by being just a common patron, then leading to a pitch to DJ on Monday nights. A couple years in, opportunities arrived to help the business for more than just one day a week.

Favorite Drink - Miller Lite and Jameson

Bio - Now a fella of multiple roles, all he looks for daily are smiles, laughs, and an overall a good time by anyone who walks through the door. Some say he's looking to be a "jack of all trades", but he works to make anyone who comes in to feel welcome and leave with a smile on their face.

DJ Huff - DJ for Karaoke Night


Birthday - March 14th

Shifts - You can catch me causing a raucus every Sunday at the bar from 9:30pm - 2am with karaoke and all the antics needed to make your night enjoyable.

Experience - Started doing entertainment in 2001. I began DJing as a hobby in 2005 and the rest is history.

Favorite Drink - Stoli-O and Red Bull gives me that warm tingly feeling every man so desires.

Bio - Hey there everyone! If you’ve been to the V on Sunday Nights you probably know me, if not, I’ld love to see you here.  I’m J.R. (a/k/a DJ Huff) and for the last 8 ½ years I have been hosting Sunday Karaoke. We always aim to have fun on Sundays while staying in the scope of music that everyone can enjoy.  Frankly, a lot of the newer stuff is pretty abhorrent so you won’t hear much of that from me but, I can promise you that the stuff that I will play (while you may too young to know it) will earn your respect. Not to lament on what I see as the downfall of today’s music industry but, the glory days of tight harmonies, unique chord progressions and meaningful lyrics in music are gone.  It seems that everything today is 1-5-4, 1-4-5 or 1-6-4-5 with a little added “whoop” in there to catch your attention and make you remember the song.  Not to discredit simple chord progressions because a lot of really popular songs (some of my favorites) are written that way but, I just feel there is something missing in today’s music. Personally, I am a fan of all music: Rock, Rap, Dance, Pop, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, millennium (2000-2012ish). For me, nothing beats a good, heartfelt, vocal or lead guitar melody! You know the kind, the ones that when you hear them it feels like an electric shock through your whole body! Those are the ones! I do try to play predominantly clean tracks as I find myself more and more turned off by vulgarities these days. (Yes, you can sing them in your songs, and no, I won’t get mad.) Regardless, Sundays are about you having a moment on the big stage, belting out tunes for your friends and the patrons to enjoy, and just having some good old respectable fun! That is why I am here and what my goal is.  When you take the stage, I am your sound engineer, your coach and in some cases your backup singer.  Whether you are an amateur or a professional, I will always do my best to make you sound the best you can.  This place’s Sunday success has very little to do with me though.  Often overlooked is the real talent, the talent behind the bar! With bartenders like Vinny, Bobby, Krysta, Gerry, Jerry, Vanessa, and Maura , some of you would never have enough “liquid courage” to come up and see me about singing a song. Usually from 10:30 on none of them stop moving (yes, it get’s that busy!). Which is why I always encourage you great patrons to tip them well, and give them your upmost respect. Their job is not easy. In addition, the culinary expertise of J.R. (Bernie) Hartman and Jeff Farro make a first class food menu sure to quell the grumblings in your empty stomach.  Anyway folks, thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to seeing you one of these Sunday nights.  God Bless, and may God guide and protect you in your journey through life!