Jerry - Bartender

Birthday - May 18th

Shifts - Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (8pm - 2am)

Experience - I've been tending bar for 15 years between Montdale and Pittsburgh.

Favorite Drink - I love Whiskey! 

Bio - After a successful run in the mid-90's as one half of the party pop duo Right Said Fred, Jerry began his bartending career in 2001 at Lefty's in Montdale, PA. This chance to open cans of Busch for his dad's friends would prove to be the big break that would send him through a litany of pubs, taverns and restaurants across the state, ultimately signing a multi-year max contract with The V-Spot Bar in February of 2013. Hailed by critics as "The Beyonce Knowles of furry male bartenders", Jerry's love of blue t-shirts, pro basketball and the NEPA drinking public, has led patrons to proclaim him "pretty good smelling" and "not as well-bearded as the Ruddy brothers". He received a commendation in 2014 for his work with patrons who love The V-Spot but dislike heavy metal. Jerry resides in Montdale.

Bobby - Bartender

Birthday - May 16th

Shifts - Monday and Thursday (8pm - 2am), Tuesday (3pm - 8pm)

Experience - About 9 years, still wet behind my ears.

Favorite Drink - I like to drink Miller Lite bottles and Fireball. Lots of them!!! 

Bio - Mr. Robert Ruddy, or Bob as he usually goes by, was birthed one sunny afternoon during the year of the monkey, 1980, in Dunmore,PA and was destined for great things. A small town boy with a big city personality, Bob flourished academically at Dunmore High School graduating top of his class. 
After graduation, Bob had a fulfilling, but short lived experience with the men's high diving circuit. His Olympic dream was thwarted by a horrifying ingrown toenail, ending his time with the sport. But after three grueling hours in an Epsom salt bath, Bob decided it was time to stop sulking and move on with his life. 
With a little bit of determination, he led a very successful career in the male modeling industry. He was on top of the world until tragedy struck, his close personal friend Gianna Versace's death. This sent Bob down a terrible path of binge eating and depression. He looked to a higher power for an answer, which led to him living in a Tibetan monastery for a full year, where he learned to become one with God. 
Once back in the states Bob approached Vince Archer and Frank Lombardo inquiring about an open bar tending position he heard they were looking to fill. One look at Bobs astounding resume, Mr. Archer and Mr. Lombardo both agreed Bob was much too traveled and far too over qualified for the job. However, Bob persuaded them to give him a chance promising he would not disappoint. The rest, as they say, is history. 
During a recent interview when Bob was asked "What's the greatest lesson he has ever learned?" he humbly replied,
"Don't believe everything you read on the Internet!" 
If you would like to get to know Bob more intimately, he bar tends every Monday and Thursday nights at The V Spot Bar on Providence Rd. In Scranton. We're sure it'll be an adventure for everyone!!

Brian - Bartender

Birthday - December 2nd

Shifts - Saturday and Sunday (10pm - 2am)

Experience - 7 Years

Favorite Drink - Miller Lite Martini

Motto - "Keeping your glass clean and booze plentiful."

                    "Don't stop till you get enough!"

Vinnie - Bartender

Birthday - December 21st

Shifts - Thursday (3pm - 8pm)......Saturday and Sunday (8pm - 2am)

Experience - First day ever as a bartender: Monday, January 3rd, 2000

Favorite Drink - All of 'em! Except Campari....fkn' gross!

Bio - Is it fathomable I may occasionally over-bruise the ice while shaking a martini? Mayyyy-beee.....Is there another alive who can "out-Ass Turkey Tattoo-me" in the wee hours on a Sunday morning after a shift? Dream on drink slingers....dream on!

Krysta - Bartender

Birthday - November 8th

Shifts - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday (8pm - 2am)

Experience - I came out of the womb with a shaker and martini glass.... 11 years.

Favorite Drink - Miller Lite accessorized with a shot of Jameson

Bio - I may not flip liquor bottles and toss glasses in the air, but damn, my draft pour is above mediocre!

Kerri - Bartender


Birthday - August 31st

Shifts - On maternity leave!!!

Experience - 14 blissful years of no weekends off

Favorite Drink - Vodka, preferably whipped and water, splash of "shut your face and make this stiffer"

Bio - "First of all, none of these boy bartenders are gettin laid 'round here 'til mama bear says so! And Joe Farro? He couldn' t make Tang before he met me. Brian & Bobby were home, dry humpin' bean bags listenin' to Color Me Bad CD's 'til I helped them out with their jobs here. I'll tell Vinnie Archer what color undies to wear if I like too! Vacation's over kids! I'll be back sooooooon!


Birthday - June 18th

Shifts - Sunday and Tuesday (3pm - 8pm), Wednesday (3pm - 2am), Thursday (5pm - 8pm), Friday (8pm - 2am), Saturday (3pm - 10pm)

Experience - 25 years as a bartender, bar owner and restaurant manager

Favorite Drink - I'm very 

Bio - Besides loving my family, my dogs and my friends, I'm a huge fan of sports, movies and video games. 

I love the following in no particular order....Yankees, Cowboys, PlayStation 4, DC Universe Online, MLB The Show, Fantasy baseball, Cal Ripken, Derek Jeter, Mike Trout, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Mario Lemieux, ESPN, Aquaman, Aragorn, Gandalf, MLB Network, NFL Network, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, The old Yankee Stadium, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, The Rock, HBO, Ned Stark, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Bernie Mac, Guns N Roses, all music over the last 40 years, Apple products, Golf, Tiger Woods, Under Armour products, Nike products, Rocky Balboa, Super Hero movies, Fantasy movies, Sci-Fi movies, Action movies, Mob movies, and the greatest movie franchise of all time, Star Wars! Just call me the Jedi Master of the V Spot.

Tom - Bartender

Birthday - October 6th

Shifts - Every Friday (8pm - 2am)

Experience - 16 years

Favorite Drink - Franziskaner Dunkel Weiss/Jameson

Bio - Lover of microbrews and live music. Let's rock out with your "Bock" out!

Bernie (AKA JR) - Chef

Birthday - October 25th

Shifts - Sunday through Thursday 

Experience - 24 years of cooking and restaurant management.

Favorite Dish - Southwest Cheese Steak or Chicken Alfredo

DJ Huff - DJ


Birthday - March 14th

Shifts - You can catch me causing a raucus every Sunday at the bar from 9:30pm - 2am with karaoke and all the antics needed to make your night enjoyable.

Experience - Started doing entertainment in 2001. I began DJing as a hobby in 2005 and the rest is history.

Favorite Drink - Stoli-O and Red Bull gives me that warm tingly feeling every man so desires.

Bio - "I've always been the class clown, which means I will do pretty much anything to get a rise out of people. I enjoy having fun with people while bringing the latest and greatest tunes and karaoke to the bar. But do me a favor. Don't ever request "Red Solo Cup" because it SUCKS! Haha, I look forward to seeing "yas", one or every Sunday from now until the second coming. And, if you drink enough booze, maybe hear you belt out a tune. Until then..........Thank you, JR."

Jackson Vee - Musician

Birthday - May 6th

Shift - Every other Thursday (8pm - 12am)

Experience - Playin' music for you since 1982

Favorite Drink - Red Stag is my favorite shot

Bio - I'm just like the rest of ya, except I stand in the corner with a guitar around my neck. Let's party, sing, dance, and love each other!

DJ AptriK - DJ

Birthday - February 14th

Shifts - Mondays (10pm - 2am)

Favorite Drink - Guiness or Jack and Ginger

Bio - I started in the DJ business at local bars and clubs in 2013. I've always had a desire to be in the entertainment business and being a fan of all kinds of music, this job became my way of combining both of those worlds.